About Catch Certificate


This is catchcertificate.no

This internet site will issue and validate catch certificates for fishery products exported from Norway to the European Community under Articles 12(4) and 20(4) of Council Regulation EC 1005/2008 and the Commission Regulation laying down the detailed rules for the implementation of the same Regulation to replace the European Community catch certificate.

Documents referred to in Article 14(1) and (2) of Council Regulation 1005/2008 will also be issued and validated on this site.

The documents will be issued and validated electronically in accordance with the Agreed Record of Conclusions of Fisheries Consultations between Norway and the European Community on Regulation EC 1005/2008 to prevent, deter and eliminate IUU fishing, dated 3 September 2009. All documents are signed electronically by the exporter and the validating authority. Thus there are no stamps or handwritten signatures on the documents. The original electronic version of the documents and its signatures can be accessed by entering the unique document number in the search fields below.

Viktig informasjon til alle eksportører og produsenter publisert av EU 28.10.2009: