Privacy and Security
We are committed to handling personal information in a safe way. You must provide the necessary personal information as an Exporter to become a member of our portal This is required in order to create and sign a valid catch certificate. Once you have become a user, we keep your name, mobile number and email address in our database. This is personal information that you provide to us and are necessary for us to fulfill our obligations to you as an exporter of wild caught fish.

Furthermore we will also be able to see:

  • That you have visited our website
  • That you are logged in to the portal
  • Which browser you are using
  • Which IP address you have
  • Which geographic area you are in (GPS coordinates)

All signed catch certificates will be stored in our database. They are available through our search engine for people who receive the certificate from your company. In order to search for a certificate in the portal, they must have access to the certificate number and security number printed on the certificate.

A signed catch certificate contains this information:

Personal information:

  • Your digital signature
  • Date and time of your signature
  • Your geographical position (GPS coordinates)

Importer / customer:

  • Name of importer / customer
  • Address
  • Country code

Personal information and importer / customer are only used internally for statistical purposes, solution improvement and technical operation of the solution.

Your personal information and importer / customer will only be disclosed to others under your consent or when it's necessary to fulfill our obligations in statutory cases.

If you have questions about your personal information or wish to make use of your rights to rectification, barring, deletion, etc. according to current privacy policy, please contact us.